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Residential Quarter

New homes

Cambridge North is uniquely positioned next to a rail, bus, and cycle hub. It is an ideal location for new homes, and we are planning approximately 425 homes, with a range of different dwellings that suit the needs of Cambridge’s residents.

We are aiming to provide a mix of 1, 2 and 3-bed apartments, with a combination of homes for sale, Homes for Rent, affordable rent homes and shared ownership homes.

Affordable housing provided as part of this scheme is just one element of a comprehensive package of benefits, including significant financial contributions towards supporting existing and new local infrastructure like health centres, schools, community centres, sports and play facilities and transport.

The residential buildings will be submitted as an outline application with detailed design to follow in due course. Initial concept idea is described below.

155 homes for sale

  • 40% will be provided as affordable homes – this means approximately 60 affordable homes
  • 70% affordable rent
  • 30% shared ownership

270 homes for rent

  • In line with current policy a proportion of these will be offered at a discount to market rents.

Chesterton Gardens

Chesterton Gardens will be a green and tranquil space in the heart of the residential quarter. Trees, mounded lawns, and nectar-rich planting will be linked by curvilinear paths, creating a choice of semi-private and quiet spaces.

Other areas will be more open in character for informal recreation and socialising and perimeter gardens to the west and north will create small courtyards with seating, trees, and low-level planting. The planting character takes its cues from the Open Mosaic Habitat species of the former railway sidings, using grasses, invertebrate-friendly flowering plants and fragrance.

We are proposing to plant at least 60 trees, with a variety of species to provide shade, vibrant autumn foliage and spring flowers and berries for wildlife.

There will also be a series of staggered pergolas with seating and outdoor tables. Adjacent to these, there will be raised beds to provide areas for localised food and herb growing; the wire supports on pergolas can even double as climbing structures for beans, cucumber, or squash.

In the centre of Chesterton Gardens will be areas of equipped play, with a separate area for young children. Elements of natural play include ‘fallen’ logs, earth mounds and boulders for climbing. Overall play is integrated with seating and planting, encouraging multiple users of the space.

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