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Welcome to Cambridge North

A New City District


Thank you for visiting the Cambridge North website. Here you will find information on Chesterton Partnership's proposals for the regeneration of the former railway sidings land next to Cambridge North Railway Station.

Our goal is to create a sustainable and inclusive community on the publicly owned brownfield land adjoining the new rail, bus and cycle transport hub.

The transformation of the site started with the opening of the government funded new railway station followed by the opening of a 217-bed Novotel in May 2021 and the One Cambridge Square office in 2023.

The next phase will deliver 425 new mixed tenure homes and up to 578,000 sq ft (53,700 sq m) of new science and technology space and high-quality offices including up to 50,000 sq ft (4,645 sq m) of flexible ground floor space will help to activate and support the development with a variety uses such as cafes, shops, bars, a creche, health uses, co-working and community spaces.

  • One cambridge square exterior photo April24
  • Cambridge square wit hotel and station hero
  • Cambridge North Station at night

The masterplan


Cambridge North will bring more jobs, opportunities, and homes to the neighbourhood. With sustainability at the heart of our plans, our aim is to improve health and wellbeing, as well as minimise carbon emissions and waste. Our masterplan proposals will:

  • Form a sustainable and inclusive mixed-use community with places to live, work and socialise next to the new rail, bus and cycle transport hub.
  • Create long term and varied job opportunities in research and development, life science and technology, and many other jobs in retail, hospitality, and office settings.
  • Support the community for the long-term to improve employment and skills, health and wellbeing and enhancing the local environment.
  • Help small local businesses, independent retailers and the city’s creative sector with affordable workspaces and studios as part of our commitment to socially responsible development.
  • Be sustainable, clean, and green embracing renewable energy and adopting an energy strategy framework that paves the way to net carbon zero in operation. Promoting sustainable green active travel in response to the climate emergency.
  • Provide accessible public places that can be used by everyone in multiple ways, from recreation, relaxation to pop-up events, community activities and temporary and permanent public art.
  • Include comprehensive cycling facilities to encourage cycling as the primary form of travel, so improving individual wellbeing and quality of life.
  • Make a measurable contribution to improving the natural environment, exceeding policy requirements with brown roofs, and new biodiverse planting.
  • Provide electric vehicle, bicycle, cargo bike and e-scooter hire facilities within a new Mobility Hub. The Mobility Hub will also host an electric car club and provide car parking for the railway station, Novotel and ancillary parking for the labs and offices.
  • Include managed ‘meanwhile uses’ to make a positive contribution during the delivery phase.