Cambridge North
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The plan for Cambridge North is to create a thriving and inclusive community. In addition to building great places to live, work and stay, there will be range of shops, cafés, bars and communal areas for relaxation, socialising, play and exercise - and potentially cultural activities too.

We’ll also help people get together, virtually and in person, and make sure the community is updated on the plans for the future development of Cambridge North and involved in the conversations around those plans.

Restaurants, cafés, bars and much more…

Here is a flavour of what could be on offer:

  • Plans for restaurants, cafés and bars are in the pipeline, with the details to be worked out over time. Proposals will seek to blend a varied offering for the neighbourhood and surrounding areas.
  • An outdoor ‘community hub’ will be created with the idea that it will be an active space where people can exercise or get together for sports, and potentially use the space for arts and cultural activities. We look forward to talking to everyone in the area about how they would like this space to be used.
  • An important part of life at Cambridge North will be access to surrounding green space.
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