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Social value

We have partnered with Social Value Portal and will be working together to understand the overall social value that the Cambridge North development has the potential to bring to the local community in terms of new jobs and additional local spend as well as the broader social, economic and environmental value benefits.

Specifically, we will be undertaking a local needs analysis to understand the needs and opportunities to enhance social value through the development, focussing on the following key themes:

  • Jobs: Promoting local skills and employment.
  • Social: Healthier, safer and more resilient communities.
  • Growth: Supporting growth of responsible and regional business.
  • Environment: Decarbonising and safeguarding our world.

A Social Value Statement will be submitted with the planning application, which will quantify and detail how the development will deliver tangible social value enhancements, relevant to the local needs identified, such as:

  • Jobs and training opportunities for local people.
  • Jobs for people from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • Volunteer time to support local community projects.
  • Spend with local businesses, including micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and voluntary, community and social enterprises.

Curated 'Meanwhile use'

We are committed to bringing new spaces and activities to the site during the delivery phase.

We are continuing to develop our ideas and will be inviting discussions with community groups about how we can use this opportunity to support local projects.

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