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Meet the Giraffes at Cambridge North: Kickers

Break Charity and Wild in Art have brought 31 beautifully decorated giraffe sculptures to the streets of Cambridge, designed by a mix of artists, to raise awareness for critical causes, providing support for children and young people.

Brookgate, sponsor behind two of the Cambridge North Giraffes, spoke to Mik Richardson, designer of Kickers - situated on Milton Avenue, this sculpture is sporting the distinctive Cambridge United FC kit.


Kickers by Mik Richardson

Tell us about your work as an artist.

I am an artist who lives in East Anglia near Norwich. Primarily, I started my business as a mural artist on leaving the RAF in 2006. This led into various avenues from spray art graffiti parties and workshops, tutoring schools and communities in mural art and most importantly, producing artworks for the many wonderful trails around the country.

How have you become involved in the Standing Tall trail?

I was first asked to produce a giraffe to represent a football inspired character for a collective of Cambridge based sponsors. I really liked the Cambridge united deep Yellow and Black chevron design they had used and thought this was the perfect "Striking" impact that would get Kickers noticed. I have also painted another of the trails giraffes and helped paint a third with another artist.

What do you hope people will get from your sculpture?

The design of Kickers hopefully brings the people of Cambridge a feeling of community spirit.

Where can people find out more and follow your work?

I have to date painted 107 wild in Art sculptures and hundreds of murals, most of which can be found on my website at

Kickers is sponsored by Brookgate, Schroders, and Novotel Cambridge North. Find out more about the trail and how to support Break Charity: