Cambridge North

Attractive neighbourhoods

Outdoor space will be a big part of Cambridge North. The aim is to provide a wide range of good quality public open spaces and an outdoor ‘community hub’ space. This ‘hub’ will be created as part of the wider site development, an active space where people can come together and use the space exercise, sports, arts and cultural activities.

An important part of life at Cambridge North will be access to variety of outside spaces that support the Community and encourage biodiversity and health and well-being.

community_hub_sketch graduated_rules_narrow
street_cafe roof_garden joggers


Cambridge Square around the station area and main Milton Avenue boulevard will have shops and cafés and high-quality public realm to attract people and to encourage them to dwell.

We will explore the potential for terrace and balcony areas and how these might be used to create attractive, functional and ecologically diverse spaces. We will seek to promote good biophilic design to provide an environment which supports health and well-being.

We will seek to encourage biodiversity through a high-quality landscape design and by utilising features such as Green and Brown Roofs.

Cambridge North is a stone’s throw from the natural beauty of Ditton Meadows, Stourbridge Common, Milton Country Park and the banks of the River Cam.